The LTO-CM is used to hold information about that specific cartridge, the media in the cartridge, and the data on the media. While replacing the unit the customer must transfer the machine type, model and serial number of the failing unit to the replacement unit. This change helps prevent having to rewrite datasets containing customer data and the first filemark in cases if such an append occurs. SARS can cause the drive to request a cleaner tape, to mark the media as degraded, and to indicate that the hardware has degraded. The part numbers for additional supplies are: The power cord shipped with the is determined by the Country Code. This is achieved by increasing the linear density, the number of tape tracks, and the media length.

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IBM 3580 Ultrium Tape Drive and 3581 Ultrium Tape Autoloader Offer High Capacity and Performance

Graceful dynamic breaking – In the event ibk power failure, reel motors are designed to maintain tension and gradually decelerate instead of stopping abruptly, ibm 3580 ultrium 3 reduce tape breakage, stretching, or loose tape wraps during a sudden power-down. Graceful dynamic breaking – designed to maintain tension to help prevent stretching or breaking ibm 3580 ultrium 3 tape and loose tape wraps. Prices The prices provided in this announcement are suggested retail prices for the U.

Regardless, IBM warranty terms apply. High bandwidth servo ubm features a low-mass servo to help more effectively track servo bands and improve data throughput with damaged media in less-than-optimal shock and vibe environments.

Last Drivers  DRIVERS: TASKALFA 220

In sequential mode, the manages cartridge access. Hardware requirements The Tape Drive comes with raven black covers. Servo and track layout technology – There are data tracks in Ultrium 3 verses data tracks in Ultrium 2. Failure to return the failed unit to Ibm 3580 ultrium 3 within 30 days will result in the customer being billed for new list price.

A power cord feature number, if applicable, should also be specified. If ibm 3580 ultrium 3 cable is available, ultriun must be specified on the initial order for each library. Although the Tape Drive provides the capability for excellent tape performance, other components of the system may limit the actual performance achieved. The power cord features are used in the country listed and other countries.

Family 3580+03 IBM TotalStorage 3580 Ultrium 3 LTO Tape Drive

Select ” Tape Drive”. IBM ibm 3580 ultrium 3 products are manufactured from new parts, or new and used parts. Hardware requirements The Tape Drive comes with raven black covers. Highly integrated electronics using IBM engineered copper technology – designed to provide for a more reliable drive. Offering Information Announcement Letters.

Family +04 IBM TotalStorage Ultrium 3 Tape Drive Express Model L3H

Individual application vendors should be contacted for specific information and availability dates. Two Initial order only: IBM Global Financing offers attractive financing to credit-qualified commercial and government Customers and Business Partners to assist them in acquiring IT solutions. Also, although the compression technology used in the tape drive can typically double the amount of data that can be stored on the media, the actual degree of compression achieved is highly sensitive to ibm 3580 ultrium 3 characteristics of the data being compressed.


Ibm 3580 ultrium 3 information More support for: The customer is responsible for installing and setting up the replacement unit. The can be operated in sequential or random-access modes. To order, contact your IBM representative: A current list of supported open ultgium configurations is available from the following Web site: It is the customer’s responsibility to install the unit.

Maximum number of features: The Tape Autoloader can be attached to models supporting Sun Solaris 2. Product life cycle dates.

A current list of supported open system configurations is available from the following Web site: Dynamic amplitude asymmetry compensation: In order to provide maximum performance and reliability, it is recommended that the latest version of microcode is installed on your IBM LTO tape devices. The Tape Drive can be attached to models supporting Sun Solaris 2. Ibm 3580 ultrium 3 is the answer ultrum growing storage requirements and shrinking backup windows and is ibm 3580 ultrium 3 entry offering to the family of IBM System Storage and TotalStorage Tape products.

There are a few pull down menus to navigate to the correct download as follows: