And I have a Cannon camera hooked up full time to photograph parts for the guitar site. With a SSD drive the performance are perfect for my need.. The install of of the hardware was straight forward. Then I saw an eBay listing for this machine I purchased. Management , Reviews , Workstations. Dell Precision Workstation Desktop workstation. As a hobby I also build 3D video games, so it needs to be able to handle that and I use speech to text software and listen to my MP3’s as I work.

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Additionally, this compact PC holds up to 32 GB of memory for faster performance.

I waited for the postman. You may also like. The Precision will be use as an Internet Server. No problems at all. It’s a beast for office work. It dell precision workstation 490 worstation what you throw at it and work flawlessly. Dell has very good tech support, so there were absolutely no hassles. This Dell Precision PC can also be oriented to stand up or be placed flat depending on the user’s needs. The Dell Precision workstation is ISV-certified workkstation an extensive array dell precision workstation 490 hardware and software vendors to ensure optimized performance in demanding workstation environments.


Typically the book cover files I deal with are 9 Meg. Fantastic Multi Purpose Workhorse!

First Look Review: Dell Precision 490 Workstation

The Dell Precision next-generation workstation is designed for high performance in space-constrained environments.

I am also a published author and I write a blog every week. The video card that came with it worked fine, it gives me plenty of room to run large files without fear of crashing and losing workshation information. Great performance all around. It dell precision workstation 490 ran my game creation software at full frame resolution with direct x 10, my word processor, my paint and drawing programs. With a SSD drive the performance are perfect for my need.

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Follow Lynn on Twitter. In her easy-to-follow, friendly style, long-time Cadalyst contributing editor Lynn Allen guides you through a new feature or time-saving trick in every episode of her popular AutoCAD Video Dsll. I also use dell precision workstation 490 on a network and it supplies files and storage to three other machines. Skip to main content.

Upgrade video for games. Show More Show Less. It runsno breaks.


I thought, ‘Something with dual processors, each with dual cores, a solid video card, and the ability to add huge amounts of memory, should be able to do what I need. Most relevant wlrkstation See all 6 reviews.

Nvidia found it, recognized it, and installed updated drivers to run it during the windows install. Speedy, compact system with many niceties; quiet, clean and attractively deol.

Dell Precision | Cheap – Used – Refurbished

And I have a Cannon camera hooked up full time to photograph parts for the guitar site. I have had it a few months now and workstatuon had wirkstation issues with it at all.

What this product needs usually is a better video card for gamers Pros: As is true of all Dell dell precision workstation 490, the Precision workstation can be configured with an extensive assortment of components to tailor it to your specific needs, so the price for your system is likely to vary.