None No encryption method is used. Due to these factors, wireless may not be the best method of connection for all types of documents and applications. Each wireless channel is on a different frequency. How does the information on this page help you? The control panel settings will be automatically changed to WLAN Enable when the wireless settings are sent to your printer. Uses 5 text characters. Do not choose this SSID.

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Encryption brother hl-2170w wireless Encryption brotehr used to secure the data that is sent over the wireless network. Authentication methods The Brother printer supports the following methods: Network Key There are some rules for each security method: If you do not correctly specify these options when you are configuring your Brother wireless device, it will not be able to connect to the wireless network.

HLW | United States | Brother Solutions Center

By using this application, you can easily connect your printer to your wireless network and install the network software and printer driver which you brother hl-2170w wireless to complete the configuration of your printer for a wireless network.

Each wireless channel is on a different frequency. Do not choose this SSID.

If you encounter this failure, please go back to Step 4 and setup the wireless connection again. After the installation, restart your personal brother hl-2170w wireless software. The wireless network devices you want to associate to the wireless network should match the access point.


3 Configuring the wireless network settings (For HL-2170W)

However, sireless many countries the number of channels available are restricted. Configure the brother hl-2170w wireless settings: This FAQ explains how to configure your Brother machine for a wireless network using the Wireless setup wizard and a network cable temporarily. The control panel settings will be automatically changed to WLAN Enable when the wireless settings are sent to your brother hl-2170w wireless.

These security settings define the authentication how the device identifies itself to the network and encryption how the data is encrypted as it is sent on the network. To achieve optimum results with normal everyday document printing, place brother hl-2170w wireless Brother printer as close to the network access point router as possible with minimal obstructions.

FAQs & Troubleshooting

If the list is blank, check that the access point has power and is broadcasting the SSID, and then see if the printer and the access point are within range for wireless communication. Brother hl-2170w wireless to the Contact Us section.

The initial Wirelless Name could be the manufacturer’s name or the model name. Contact Us Product Registration Visit www. Open system Brother hl-2170w wireless devices are allowed access the network without any authentication.

Check and record the current wireless network settings below. Please follow the steps below. When your wireless network device receives a beacon, you can identify the wireless network that is brlther enough for the radio brother hl-2170w wireless to reach your device. If your question was not answered, have you checked other FAQs?


Configuring the wireless network settings (For HLW)

Shared key A secret pre-determined key is shared by all devices that will access the wireless network. The installation instructions are available in brotjer download.

Brother hl-2170w wireless points you need to confirm before configuring your Brother machine for a wireless network. The Brother printer supports the following encryption methods: For further information, see Ethernet wireless network. Once the Wireless Setup Wizard screen appears, follow the steps from Step 7 below.

Although Brother HLW can be used in a both wired and wireless network, only brother hl-2170w wireless of the hl-2170a methods can be used brother hl-2170w wireless a time. To help us improve our support, please provide your feedback below. Go to the Manuals section. First, follow the installation instructions on the download page. The computer must be on your network.